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Céide Fields

The Céide Fields, is Europe’s largest Stone Age land enclosure and is located along a dramatic stretch of north Mayo coastline. Stone age megalithic tombs and habitations found here date back some 5000 years.

Céide Fields Visitor CentrePreserved beneath the blanket bog of northern county Mayo are the remains of a fully preserve prehistoric landscape composed of field walls, enclosures, houses and megalithic tombs dating from the Neolithic or New Stone Age. This is one of the largest archaeological sites in the world and tells a story of the everyday lives of a farming people, their organised society, their highly developed spiritual beliefs, and their struggle against a changing environment beyond their control.

The Céide Fields Visitor Centre is near Ballycastle (GPS coordinates 54.306208,-9.45837) and was established  to assist with the visit to this unique area. The centre has exhibitions, an audio-visual show and tearooms and provides guided tour with professional guides.

The Céide Fields is a 47 minute drive from Pontoon via R315